East Asians produce no body odor

According to a LiveScience article from 2013, scientists discovered there is actually a gene called ABCC11, which is responsible for producing body odor. Those who produce a dry version of earwax also lack the same bacteria living in armpits causing odor. The reasoning behind this theory is because those who produce dry earwax also don’t produce the protein that transports sweat out of pores in our armpits, which attracts bacteria that cause body odor.

And while only 2-percent of Europeans lack these genes for smelly armpits, most East Asians lack this gene, meaning they don't know the use of deodorant over there. It isn't even available in stores in Korea.

Still, in the Western world, more than three-quarters of people who don’t actually smell still use deodorant, only out of fear they would be the one stinking in a crowded train.

If you’re wondering if you carry the genes that produce smelly sweat, simply check your earwax. Dry? Chances are, you can go deodorant free starting off now.