Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie locations

Just like we did location hunting in our Star wars Tunisia special, this article will focus on the saga's last installment: The Last Jedi. The exotic planets that come to life in theatres are based on real life locations. Most of the movie was shot in Pinewoord Studio's near London, but many outdoor scenes are filmed on location. Here is an overview.

Hint: Open a new tab showing Google Maps next to this page. Copy/paste the given Lat/Long coordinates in Google map's searchbox to see the Star Wars locations on a map.

star wars: the last jedi

Skellig Michael, Ireland as Ahch-To
Lat/Long coordinates 51.771550, -10.542210

The movie starts where The Force Awakens has left us: the ocean planet of Ahch-To, where Rey finds Luke. The remote and isolated location in the Atlantic ocean was just perfect as a refuge for a Jedi who didn't want to be found and lives here as a hermit. (Just as Dagobah was for Yoda and Tatooine for Obi-Wan) The old stone steps and structures give just the perfect atmosphere.

Skellig Michael was uninhabited before a monastery was founded there in the 8th century. The monastic site on the island is on a terraced shelf 600 feet (180 metres) above sea level and consists out of dry-built corbel constructions. A system for collecting and purifying water in cisterns was developed because no fresh water source was available to the monks. It has been estimated that no more than twelve monks and an abbot lived here at any one time. The steps we see in the films were also carved out by the monks. After the Middle Ages the site was abandoned again and became recently a Unesco World heritage site.

Now different tour operators run boat trips to Skellig Michael during the summer season (May to October). For safety reasons, because the steps up to the monastery are rocky, steep, and old, climbs are not permitted during very wet or windy weather.

star wars: the last jedi skellig michael
Skellig Michael, a perfect hideout

Ceann Sibeal, Ireland as ancient Jedi temple
Lat/Long coordinates 52.179301, -10.445073

Ceann Sibeal is a well known golf court on the Dingle Peninsula in western Ireland. Now it is the location of the old Jedi temple where Luke begins Rey's training in the ways of the force. The rugged coastline and a lush, green scenery blend in with Skellig Michael (not so far away from Ceann Sibeal) as ocean world Ahch-To.

star wars: the last jedi ceann sibeal
Ceann Michael, from golf court to Jedi training grounds

Dubrovnik, Croatia as casino city Canto Bight
Lat/Long coordinates 42.641327, 18.109114

The city of Dubrovnik was already famous by starring as King's Landing in Game of Thrones. Now it welcomes the franchise as casino city Canto Bight. Stradun, the city's main street received a makeover in the typical Star Wars style and was closed for public for almost 2 weeks during filming. The medieval architecture pimped with future tech and actors dressed up in formal clothing gives it a sort of Monaco feeling, but this time in another Galaxy.

star wars: the last jedi Dubrovnikl
Dubrovnik in another galaxy

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia as Crait
Lat/Long coordinates -20.133872, -67.578443

The world's largest salt flat, located near the crest of the Andes served as remote mineral mining planet Crait, location of a former Rebel base and gem mining operation of the resistance.

The Salar was formed as a result of transformations between several prehistoric lakes. It is covered by a few meters of salt crust, which has an extraordinary flatness. The salt crust covers a pool of brine, which is exceptionally rich in lithium. It contains 50 to 70% of the world's known lithium reserves.

This unearthy place is the location of the final battle. The resistance makes a last stand in their shielded mining hangar while the First Order sends an assault force to the planet surface to cut their way in with a giant plasma cannon supported by walkers. These are the All Terrain MegaCaliber Six (AT-M6) or also known as the Gorilla Walker. This mobile heavy artillery walker is much larger than the AT-AT used by the Galactic Empire features a MegaCaliber Six turbolaser cannon mounted to its back, hence it's name.

star wars: the last jedi salt flats
The Bonneville Salt Flats host a spectacular battle


A location omission here for Star Wars - The Last Jedi is Donegal, Ireland - so raw and inspiring are the landscapes here I ended up writing a contemporary suspense novel there entitled PRETTY UGLY