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Close Encounters of the Third Kind plot

In some desert with a lot of sand in it (this happens to deserts sometimes), a Frenchie called Claude Lacombe and his team discover Flight 19, some old fight planes who went missing more than 30 years earlier. The planes are like brand new, with no rust or anything and are fully functional but the pilots can't be found. They also find a lost cargo ship in the Gobi Desert at the other side of the planet.

Meanwhile at an air traffic control center in the US of A, a radio dude listens as two airliners avoid a mid-air collision with a UFO. In the town of Muncie, Indiana, 3-year-old toddler Barry is awakened when his toys start operating on their own. When he gets out to check the noise (Barry is a hero) he sees something in the kitchen and runs off yelling (Not a real hero apparently) But mommy Jillian come to the rescue.

In Indiana we have this other dude called Roy and happens to be the main character. He's doing some electricity stuff when a UFO is passing by to say hello. The aliens forgot to turn their microwave a bit down, burning poor Roy in the face. Roy still wants to be friends and becomes fascinated by UFO. For some weird reason, he also starts obsessively sketching mountain-like shapes. Don't do drugs Roy! Jillian also starts sketching this flat top mountain. Stay away from the booze Jillian! Soon after, a UFO is hovering over her house, resulting in every appliance inside to malfunction. Are, that microwave again. Our favourite toddler Barry is meanwhile abducted by unseen beings.

Frenchie continues to investigate this increasing UFO activity. Witnesses from India who ate too many curry's report that the UFOs make some weird noise: a five-tone phrase in a major scale. Those Indians sure know something about music. Lacombe broadcasts this signal to outer space, and also gets a response: a series of numbers (104 44 30 40 36 10) repeated over and over. The movie would be really boring if nobody found out their meaning, so Laughlin, Lacombe's assistant, recognizes it as a set of geographical coordinates, which point to Devils Tower in Wyoming. How FFS do these Aliens know a human set of coordinates? Lacombe doesn't seem to bother and heads to Wyoming accompanied with the cavalry where they start preparing a landing zone for UFOs.

When Roy and Jillian see a television broadcast of this landing zone, they realize their mental image of Devils Towers mountain is actually Devils Towers mountain, and travel to the site. They arrive on location just as dozens of UFOs appear in the night sky, would be boring if they had to sit and wait there a few days. Frenchie's team starts to communicate with the UFOs by use of light and sound, triggering a large mother ship (really huge, no serious) to land at the site, releasing animals and some long-missing people, all from different past eras. Among them are the missing pilots from Flight 19 and sailors from the cargo ship (oh surprise), all of whom have not aged since their abductions. Barry boy is also reunited with Jillian.

As the aliens come to take some fresh air outside their ship, they select Roy to join them on their travels. As Roy enters the mothership, one of the aliens pauses for a few moments with the humans. Frenchie uses hand signs to say: "please get off my lawn now". The alien replies with the same gestures and returns to its ship, which ascends into space.



Richard Dreyfuss as Roy Neary
Fran├žois Truffaut as Claude Lacombe
Melinda Dillon as Jillian Guiler
Teri Garr as Veronica "Ronnie" Neary
Cary Guffey as Barry Guiler
Bob Balaban as David Laughlin
Josef Sommer as Larry Butler
Lance Henriksen as Robert, Lacombe's assistant
Roberts Blossom as Farmer