Download Marvel's Inhumans season 1 episode 1&2: The First Chapter

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Inhumans episode 1 & 2 plot

On some kind of island, Triton is looking for a newly transformed Inhuman. Just as he found him, they are attacked by an enemy strike team. The team kills the new Inhuman and injures Triton, who escapes by jumping back into the ocean. Meanwhile in the secret city of the Inhumans on the Moon (why in gods name does it has to be a secret city on the moon? Build one underground or below the sea, much cheaper, and just as secret), Black Bolt (we call him dude), Medusa and some other sidekicks attend a ceremony for two members of society, where they are exposed to some weird shit to reveal their Inhuman powers. One member receives the ability of flight, while the other gets nothing (apparently) When Maximus, who also does not have abilities, touches his shoulder, the boy gets a vision, telling Maximus he sees him pinned against a wall with snakes attacking him. Seems like Maximus is in fact Indiana Jones.

A few scenes later Maximus hears something about Triton's mission on Earth, and goes to see Black Dude. Black Dude tells he sent Triton to Earth to find humans who became Inhuman due to some weird shit entering Earth's water supply and bring them back to their secret city. Hearing Triton's fait, Gorgon heads to Earth to find him. While the Black dude retreats to think, Maximus goes to see Medusa to check out if she regrets marrying Black Bolt. Offended, Medusa attacks him with her snake hair, making the vision of the boy coming true. Now we didn't saw that coming eh? The plot even gets better cause on Earth, Gorgon is pursued by the same strike team, who now receive a kill order from Maximus as he wants to get rid of black dude and miss snake hair. Karnak, we don't know who he is, learns of what Maximus is doing, and warns Medusa and her sister Crystal. This Crystal has her dog (yes, her dog!) send Karnak to Earth for safety, and does the same with Miss Snake and Black dude.

Realizing the dog made a real mess of their drop zone, cause they are all separated, Karnak and Miss Snake begin to search for Black dude. The latter is meanwhile is arrested by the Honolulu Police (Lol, where is his superpower now?) after he causes a traffic disturbance and shoplifts new clothes. Maximus tell the secret city he's their new king.

Are you serious about watching this show? Go do some useful shit instead, you only have one life and have already wasted 2 minutes on reading this. Tic, tac, biatch...


Anson Mount as Black Bolt aka Black dude
Serinda Swan as Medusa aka Miss Snake
Ken Leung as Karnak
Isabelle Cornish as Crystal
Ellen Woglom as Louise
Iwan Rheon as Maximus

Crystal's 2,000-pound teleporting dog Lockjaw also appears in the series, created through CGI. The producers stated that "nobody has done a full CG character on a TV series before. So Lockjaw is the first. It's a big responsibility for all of us."

How did you guys managed not to see 3 CGI DRAGONS in Game of Thrones? o0


they are not full cgi, simple

What the fuck is that they are just images