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It: Part 1 - The Losers Club plot

During a rainstorm in the town of Derry, six-year-old George is chasing a paper boat down a gutter. The boat is washed down a storm drain. Peering into the drain, George sees a pair of glowing yellow eyes. To make things even more confusing, George is confronted by a silver clown who introduces himself Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Pennywise makes George to reach into the drain to retrieve his boat and then severs his arm, leaving him to bleed to death.

Some time later Ben Hanscom, an overweight schoolboy, is harassed by a gang of bullies led by Henry Bowers. One day, Hanscom hides from his tormentors in the Barrens, where he befriends Eddie Kaspbrak and "Stuttering Bill" Denbrough, George's elder brother. The three boys later befriend fellow misfits Richie Tozier, Stanley Uris and Beverly Marsh, who call themselves "The Losers Club."

As the summer passes by, the Losers realize that they have each had an encounter with It: a shapeshifting demonic entity that takes the form of whatever they fear the most: For Ben it's a mummy, Eddie a leper, Bill sees George's ghost, Richie a werewolf, Stan two drowned boys and Beverly a fountain of blood in the bathroom. The Losers call the creature as "It" and link It with a series of child murders.

Meanwhile, the sadistic Henry Bowers starts bullying his neighbor, Mike Hanlon and his father. Henry kills Mike's dog and chases the him into the Barrens, where he befriends the other Losers. Mike tells the Losers that he was attacked by It in the form of a flesh-eating bird and they realise through his picture book that It is hundreds of years old. The Losers suspect that It has control over Derry because of a lot of children gone missing and violent deaths that go unnoticed by the adults in the town.

The Losers decide to construct a smokehole which they use to hallucinate It's origins. They discover the creature is millions of years old and came here with an asteroid. Every 27 years It awakens and feeds on the children for about a year.

In late July, Eddie is hospitalized after an attack by Henry his gang. Spying on them, Beverly sees one of the bullies, Patrick, being killed by It in the form of flying bloodsucking leeches. Later, the Losers discover a message from It written in Patrick's blood warning them that It will kill them.

When Eddie is released from the hospital with a broken arm, Ben makes two silver slugs out of a silver dollar, believing that silver will harm It. With their new weapon, they kids return to the house on Neibolt Street where they had previously encountered It and It attacks them in the form of a werewolf. Beverly shoots a slug with a slingshot at the werewolf, injuring It, and causing It to flee back to the sewers. It now sees the Losers as a threat, and manipulates the mind of Henry the bully to make him kill his father, providing him with a switchblade.

Henry and his gang then follow the Losers into the sewers with the intention of killing them. It attacks the three bullies in the form of Frankenstein's monster, ripping one boy's head off and mutilating an other one's face. Henry is going mad and chases the Losers but gets lost. He later washes out of the sewers and is blamed for all of the child murders. Meanwhile, Bill discovers an ancient ritual that allows him to enter the Macroverse to confront It. During the ritual Bill encounters Mataurin, an ancient turtle and the creator of our universe, who explains that It can only be defeated during a battle of wills.

Bill now enters It's mind through the ritual and discovers that It's true form is a some orange light. With the help of Mataurin, Bill is able to defeat It and send it back to its slumber. After the battle, the Losers get lost in the sewers until Beverly has sex with all the boys to bring unity back to the group. The Losers then swear an oath to return to Derry should It return in the future.

It Cast

Jaeden Lieberher as Bill Denbrough
Bill Skarsgård as It / Pennywise
Jeremy Ray Taylor as Ben Hanscom
Sophia Lillis as Beverly Marsh
Finn Wolfhard as Richie Tozier
Wyatt Oleff as Stanley Uris
Chosen Jacobs as Mike Hanlon
Jack Dylan Grazer as Eddie Kaspbrak
Nicholas Hamilton as Henry Bowers
Jackson Robert Scott as George Denbrough