4 Non Blondes - What's up

4 Non Blondes could have been famous earlier, but Mother Nature decided otherwise. A few hours before their first rehearsal was planned on the 17th of october in 1989, an earthquake hit their hometown of San Fransisco. Nonetheless they kept practicing and with success: a few years later they became America's best unsigned band. They eventually signed a contract with Intersope, and with their first album in 1992 they had immediate succes with a number 1 hit: What's up.

Best live performance
This show from Chicago’s Vic Theater instantly brings us back to the 90's with torn jeans and flannel.

Some facts
The title of the song was originally "What's going on" (like they sing in the chorus) but was changed into "What' up" to avoid confusion with the 1971 Marvin Gaye classic "What's going on"

The band split up in 1994, but singer Linda Perry became a successful songwriter for P!nk (Get the party started), Christina Aguilera (Beautiful) and James Blunt.

How to play What's up?
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Guitar tab

Bass tab

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