Dire Straits - Money for nothing

Mark Knopfler wrote this song after hearing delivery men in a New York department store complaining about their jobs while watching MTV. He wrote the lyrics in that same store, sitting in a kitchen on display. Many of the lyrics were things they actually said. Knopfler wanted to copy ZZ Top's trademark guitar tone, as their music videos were already on high rotation on early MTV. Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top's guitarist) later told that Knopfler had solicited his help in replicating the tone, adding, "He didn't do a half-bad job, considering that I didn't tell him a thing!"

While recording the song in a studio on Montserrat, Knopfler wanted Sting to sing the "I want my MTV" intro. Upon hearing about this, a studio employee simply told him: "Well, Sting is actually on the island on holiday, you could just ask him." And the rest is history.

Best live performance
You have Knopfler in a way to big 90's suit and Eric Clapton in pink in the same video. Oh, and they play music as well.

Some facts
The music video was one of the first to feature computer generated animation, using an early computer program called Paintbox. The characters were supposed to have more detail, but as the crew ran out of budget, they had to leave it as is. Nevertheless, it won the Best Video award at the 1986 MTV Video Music Awards.

This was the first video played on MTV Europe, aired on August 1, 1987.

Official video:

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