Metallica - Nothing else matters

In 1990, James Hetfield was on the phone talking with his girlfriend. Holding the phone with one hand, he plucked the four open strings of a standard E-minor chord with the other, which created the first two bars of the song. The intro lyrics "so close, no matter how far", were also dedicated to his girlfriend, indicating the bond they shared even when he was on tour. Since Hetfield composed the song all by himself, it is one of the few Metallica songs in which he plays the guitar solo, and not Kirk Hammett, who didn't even learn how to play the song until they were well into the tour for the album "Metallica" where the track was listed.

Best live performance
During Live Earth in 2007, more then 150 musical acts performed in 11 cities to raise awareness for climate change. Metallica played Nothing else matters in a full Wembley Stadium in London.

Some facts
James Hetfield used the band's constant touring as an inspiration. He wrote pieces of the song on their tour bus and in numerous hotels.

Hetfield was initially concerned about playing the song to the rest of the band. He explained: "At first I didn't even want to play it for the guys. Metallica songs are about destroying things, head banging and bleeding for the crowd. This was a love ballad about a girlfriend." It turned out to be one of their biggest hits.

How to play Nothing else matters?
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