Nathaniel Rateliff - S.O.B

As soon as the band starts humming “mmmmh-mmmmh”, you know a party is going to burst out soon. The whole audience becomes a giant gospel choir. American singer/songwriter Nathaniel Rateliff began his career as a folk artist and toured as supporting program with Mumford & Sons. He lost however his contract with Universal Records and decided to make a road trip documentary from Austin To Boston.

Realizing that music was his destiny, he formed The Night Sweats and re-invented his music merging soul with steamy rhythm-and-blues. ‘S.O.B.’ (‘Son Of a Bitch’) was the lead single of their first album in 2015 and became an immediate success. This southern-gospel influenced song depicts the struggles of alcoholism as Rateliff croons of a man who is literally drinking his life away: “S.O.B. is, at heart, a troubled song about drinking your way through a breakup. The connection would be self-loathing and writing about the relationships in my life”

Best live performance
The song first gained exposure after the band performed it on Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show in August, 2015. Fallon tweeted enthusiastically before the band's performance: "If you believe in soul... if you believe in rock n roll... if you believe in performing your guts out… Enjoy the band on our show tonight."

We don't have footage of this performance, but the band performed also on the Later... With Jools Holland show

Some facts
"Well…..I might be a drunk," Rateliff told once. "I've been working on it and singing about it for a while. I quit for a while too, though, but I was just so miserable. I was six months sober, but I guess it's funny to be part of a drinking culture, in my circle of friends and even when you're touring and performing you're in a bar every night... so it's kinda tricky to not lose your ass every night!"

How to play S.O.B?
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Bass tab

Lyrics with chords in a handy easy-to-read onstage version

Guitar Lesson by good old Marty Schwartz: