Radiohead - Creep

Lead singer Thom Yorke wrote this song while he was a student and recorded it acoustic. A few years later he let Colin Greenwood (Radiohead's bass player) listen to it, who joined him and helped put the band together while they still were in college. And so Radiohead was born.

The song itself is about about being in love with someone, but not feeling good enough. Yorke describes it as: "There's the beautiful people and then there's the rest of us.". The song was released in 1992, but flopped. It was re-released just one year later after Radiohead grew a fan base and became a big hit.

Best live performance
Some nice haircuts back in the 90's

Some facts
Yorke recieves fan mail from murderers saying how much they could relate to this song.

For US radio, the line "you're so fucking special" was edited into "you're so very special". Afterwards Yorke regretted doing so, as it ruined the sentiment of the song, it lost it's anger.

Radiohead has a love/hate relationship with this song. They had to play it numerous times in their beginnening days and got tired of it, leaving it out of the setlist for several years afterwards (although fan are begging to hear it every concert)

How to play Creep?
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