Kaleo - Way down we go

Originated deep in rural Iceland, the very American influenced folk and blues sound of Kaleo comes as a suprise. Prominently featuring a distinctive resonator sound, the melanchonic "Way down we go" was picked up by several movies and TV-shows. This caused a Hot 100 debut in January 2017, almost 2 years after the orinal release of the song in 2015.

Best live performance
This video was recorded deep inside a dormant Icelandic volcano in July 2015, tying in nicely with the song title. Frontman Julius Son described the operation as follows: "It was a bit more of a task than I had realized because we had to get everything down there. We had to take all of our equipment down there using a very small and steep hiking path, it takes 10 hours to get down and another 10 hours to get up. It was a 26 hour day. The acoustics down there were fantastic though, so we were really happy with the outcome."

Some facts
Lead singer Julius Son penned the tune around its central riff. He explained: "I first wrote the riff, and then added the verse and finally the chorus. It's a very bluesy song, especially if you play it acoustically. It probably all started tapping my feet and messing around on the guitar."

How to play Way down we go?
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