Neil Young - Rockin' in the free world

In 1989, when the Berlin wall was about to fall, Neil Young released this rock monument upon the world. Based on the political changes going on at the time, the song was highly critical of the George Bush administration and the lyrics (ab)used some of Bush's campaign speeches: "We got 1,000 points of light, for the homeless man," "We got a kinder, gentler machine gun hand." The song was picked up by protesters in Eastern Europe and became a freedom anthem for them when the Sojet Union collapsed. The screaming voice of Young coupled with heavy distortion guitars made this an instant classic.

Best live performance
Unlike other better quality video's and recent footage of concerts on youtube, this 1989 video captures Young's energy the best and has no endless guitar solo's in it.

Some facts
Rolling Stone rated this #216 on their 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list.

The song was used in Donald Trump's announcement that he will run as a Republican candidate for the 2016 presidency. Young, a Democrat, said that the mogul was not authorized to use the song.

How to play Rockin' in the free world?
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Lyrics with chords in a handy easy-to-read onstage version

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