Is there a Nesski monster in Russian Lake Labynkyr?

Siberia has its own 'Loch Ness Monster' in the vast and mysterious Lake Labynkyr. Just like Nessie, the Siberian monster was photographed from a long distance and there were local rumors and myths about Nesski for a long time. But there is more. Recently, scientific reports based on measurements with scanners speak of a 'thing' of 10 meters long. These measurements were performed by respected Russian scientists. Will Nesski equally lure curious tourists to Siberia as Nessie to the Scottish Highlands?

lake labynkyr monster
Lake Labynkyr monster photo

Paying a visit to this new tourist attraction is an adventure on its own. Lake Labynkyr is a remote lake in the far North-East region of Siberia. It’s not far from Omymyakon, the coldest inhabited settlement on the planet. Astonishingly, the 80m deep lake does not freeze over completely in winter, in contrast to all other lakes in the region. The ice that does form can be too thin to walk on. It is not uncommon to drive cars on lakes in Yakutia in winter: but not on Lake Labynkyr. One theory is that Labynkyr is warmed slightly from below by a fissure in the Earth's crust.

lake labynkyr
Lake Labynkyr

Local monster rumors

The legend of the monster lives for many centuries among the natives: the Evenk and Yakut know of many appearances of Nesski. In the nineteenth century it was known as "The Devil". A testimony from that time talks about a monster with huge jaws.

More recently, fishermen said that during quiet weather when there were no disturbances in the lake, some strange waves were coming from under the water, heavily shaking their boats. As if a big body was moving under water and producing waves which reached the surface and shook the vessel.

Two others were fishing in the middle of the lake in a 10 meter long boat when suddenly the bow began to rise as if somebody was pushing it from under the water. The fishermen were stuck by fear but did not see anything.

lake labynkyr
Lake Labynkyr

scientific evidence

The legend, and the many sightings also made scientists curious the past decades. A team of Professor Emeliyanova of the University of Moscow dropped down to Lake Labynkyr and came to startling findings. Using sonar scanners, they detected huge underwater objects. Readings told it was clearly a moving object and too big to be a fish. It was very homogeneous and swam just above the bottom of the lake. The researchers could not explain what it really was.

Another witness tells of a group of Russian geologists on a boat trip on the lake who saw a huge creature looming up out of the water. Even people on the shore saw the monster and called loudly to scare it away from the boat.

lake labynkyr
Lake Labynkyr

In 1953 the respected Soviet geologist Viktor Tverdokhlebov also discovered a monster on the neighboring Lake Vorota, but the Soviet authorities covered up the investigation. Now Professor Emeliyanova wants to investigate this phenomenon to the bottom. There is a theory that the two lakes are connected by tunnels. There are also speculations that the lake is home to prehistoric animals like ichthyosaurs, prehistoric marine reptiles who look like dolphins or sharks. Another theory is that the monster is possibly a plesiosaur with a long neck, just like the Scottish "Nessie".

"Personally, I really believe that something is going on," says Professor Emeliyanova. As local residents for so many years talk about the same strange creature, it just cannot be simply invented. It means that there really is something. Moreover, I know the people who live around the lake pretty good and they are not liars. As icing on the cake, the ancient stories of our Nesski are much older than that of Nessie, so they can’t be influenced by the Scottish sightings."

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