East Asians produce no body odor

According to a LiveScience article from 2013, scientists discovered there is actually a gene called ABCC11, which is responsible for producing body odor. Those who produce a dry version of earwax also lack the same bacteria living in armpits causing odor. The reasoning behind this theory is because those who produce dry earwax also don’t produce the protein that transports sweat out of pores in our armpits, which attracts bacteria that cause body odor.

A dead whale turns into a mini ecosystem

This phenomenon is called a whale fall. A whale fall is the carcass of a dead whale that has fallen into the abyssal zone (deeper than 1.000 m, or 3.300 ft) on the ocean floor. This can create a local ecosystem that supplies sustenance to deep-sea organisms for decades. This is unlike in shallower waters, where the carcass will be consumed by scavengers over a relatively short period of time.

Microsoft included Solitaire in Windows as a mouse tutorial

Microsoft has included the game Solitaire as part of its Windows product line since Windows 3.0, starting from 1990. They intended games like Solitaire and Minesweeper "to soothe people intimidated by the operating system," and at a time where many users were still unfamiliar with graphical user interfaces, it proved useful in familiarizing them with the use of a mouse, such as the drag-and-drop technique required for moving cards.

Carrots are orange because of the Dutch

For centuries, almost all carrots were yellow, white or purple. But in the 17th century, most of those crunchy vegetables turned orange, but why?

They are orange for entirely political reasons: in the 17th century, Dutch growers have cultivated orange carrots as a tribute to William of Orange – the one who led the the struggle for Dutch independence. The new color was an instant hit. A thousand years of yellow, white and purple carrot history, was wiped out in a generation.

Apes don't ask questions

While apes can learn sign language and communicate using it, they have never attempted to learn new knowledge by asking a question. They don't realize that humans or other apes can know things they don't. It's a concept that separates mankind from apes.

TIE Fighter tactics for Star Wars: Battlefront II

Some background on the Tie Fighter
The TIE Fighter is manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems. The TIE/LN's engine is one of the most precisely manufactured propulsion systems in the galaxy and, with no moving parts, it's also low-maintenance. The lack of combat shields, hyperdrive, and life-support systems,together with the advanced engine design, reduces the mass of the fighter and conferres exceptional speed and maneuverability. This also makes them both inexpensive and quick to replace. Primary armament is a pair of L-s1 laser cannons, coupled with a powerful sensor suite.

Tie Fighter Battlefront II