Starcraft Remastered PC review

Do you know that feeling when your mind unconsciously diverts to a blissful memory? That nostalgia still lives with anyone who bought the original StarCraft, now almost two decades ago. Blizzard offers a remedy with StarCraft Remastered. Will this game honour your memories, or leave you dissapointed and frustrated by ruining it with this new version?

Starcraft Remastered

The gameplay has remained 100% the same. Every single irregularity, and every nuisance you had back then, is still there, but this time with up-to-date graphics. Blizzard's choice to keep the gameplay experience unchanged is more than bold. Even the Enhanced Edition of Baldur's Gate, that other classic, got a firm update for bugs and the UI. StarCraft does not need this, it is the unspoken statement of Blizzard. And right they are: the campaigns are a pleasure to experience again due to the phenomenal storytelling, supported by unrivaled music and sound effects. Where StarCraft II looks and sounds very polished, the brutal extraterrestrial sounds of the Protoss and Zerg of the original send a shiver down your spine.

So the biggest change are the graphics. Personality models are completely made over, the environments are sharper than before and by the new dynamic lighting, the in-game effects are also nice. Don't expect graphics as we know of today's games, far from it, but the transformation is clear to see. Even the grim atmosphere of the original has been conserved very well. After a couple hours of paying, I did not experience the game as an aged gem, but rather as a new game.

Starcraft Remastered
Original vs Remastered

The gameplay is exactly the same. That means unfortunately that we have to take care of everything. Commanding armies in groups of twelve, workers who do not automatically go mining and the good old dragoons who run pilotless over the battlefield This would not be accepted in today's games. That creates a contradictory feeling. You're being challenged to overcome these obstacles, just as many years ago, but compared to the smoothness of StarCraft II, this wouldn't be necessary.

StarCraft Remastered leaves the legendary gameplay and race balance the original has to offer intact by changing nothing to them. Even with some outdated features, the gameplay of this RTS is unmatched, like the realistic sound effects and the convincing story of the campaign. This is accompanied now by very sharp sprite graphics, from the Terran's thick amor plates to the beautiful light effects of the Protoss, and the 3D makeover of the portraits integrates well in the original setting. It can be very hard for newbies, they better start with StarCraft II's less steep learning curve to prevent frustration, but for those who played the original, this remastered edition feels like coming home.

Rating: 8.5

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