The best roadtrips in the USA and Canada

North-America is the cradle of the roadtrip. Drive trough the mighty Grand Canyon, feel the hot sun Death Valley or discover the rough Californian coasts in Big Sur. America is made to be explored by car. Here are our finest road trips in the USA and Canada:

Seward Highway, Canada
Starting in Anchorage, Alaska's Seward Highway meanders 127 miles (204 kilometers) across the Kenai Peninsula, before ending in the harbor town of Seward at Resurrection Bay. You could drive it in under three hours, but don't. Spend at least a couple of days to the round-trip to give yourself some time to explore wonderful nature of south-central Alaska.

Pacific Coast Highway, USA
The Pacific Coast Highway runs along the central California coast and offers an exhilarating driving experience. The twisting, cliff-hugging, 123-mile (198-kilometer) road threads through Big Sur, where mountains plunge into the Pacific.

Sea to Sky Highway, Canada
Canada’s Highway 99, better known as the Sea to Sky Highway, is regarded as one of the best road trip destinations in the world. Starting in the coastal rain forest at Horseshoe Bay, near Vancouver, this great 2-lane road takes us trough five different climatic zones in British Columbia before reaching its end at the junction with Highway 97 near Cache Creek deep inside Canada.

Top of the Rockies, USA
Seldom dropping below 9,000 feet, the Top of the Rockies Scenic Byway is one of the highest roads in the USA. This road trip crosses the continental divide twice and traces the Arkansas River nearly to its source near Fremont Pass. We drive trough the scenic peaks of the Rocky Mountains and visit the highest incorporated city in America.

Skyline Drive, USA
Winding trough the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, Skyline Drive is a scenic road trip that is particularly popular in the fall when the leaves are changing colors. The road takes us along the ridge of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Blue Ridge Parkway, USA
Starting at Rockfish Gap, this road trip picks us up where Skyline drive ends. Around every bend you’ll find another surprise for the eye, whether it’s a hawk’s-eye view of a river valley, a tree-covered peak or a peaceful pasture crowded with cows.