TIE Bomber tactics for Star Wars: Battlefront II

Some background on the Tie Bomber
The TIE/sa bomber is designed by Sienar Fleet Systems for use in the military of the Galactic Empire. As a light bomber, it's part of the TIE line of starfighters, distinguished by their twin ion engines and solar collector panels. The bomber measures 7.9 meters long, 10.6 meters wide, and 5.4 meters high and has a bluish gray paintscheme.

Tie Bomber Battlefront II

The TIE/sa bomber has inclined wings, which maximizes its speed and maneuverability while carrying a heavy payload. Unlike the Tie fighter or interceptor, the bomber has not one, but two central pods: a starboard cockpit for the pilot, and a portside cargo bay for the munitions. The cockpit features two forward-mounted laser cannons, the standard transparisteel viewport, and an ejector seat in case a pilot on a distant bombing run needs to abandon ship.

The cargo bay is divided into two sections. The forward ordnance bay carries either eight concussion missiles or four proton torpedoes. The main ordnance bay carries also either four proton torpedoes and eight concussion missiles, or eight proton bombs and sixty-four thermal detonators, or six orbital mines, or even stormtroopers.

In Battlefront II, the TIE/SA Bomber has three abilities to use:
◾ Electronic Countermeasures: Activates electronic countermeasures that break and prevent targeting and missile locks for a short period of time.
◾ Multi-Missile Lock: Instantly locks onto and fires a missile at up to 3 different targets in front of the player.
◾ Dual Proton Torpedoes: Fires two missiles simultaneously which track the locked target and deal high damage.

TIE Bomber tactics and tricks
Right now, the TIE bomber may be the most powerfull ship to choose playing as Imperial. No it doesn't has the speed nor the manoeuverabilty from a TIE fighter or interceptor, BUT it has a whole lotta more health than it's faster brothers. So when you find yourself in the middle of galactic starfighter mayhem, you don't get shredded apart from the occasional laser scratch.

Yes it's a slow piece of shit, but use that as an advantage. Most noobs just hit the forward button in their superfast A-wings to go even faster and never realease it until they are KIA, and press it again when respawning. Being a TIE bomber, you cannot outrun these race machines, but you can outmanoeuver them by going even slower. Thats's right, hit that backward button and watch them struggle to get behind you. They can't, because you're too slow. And that's when you shoot them in the arse with your laser cannons.

Electronic Countermeasures is just great. Missile lock? No problem, you don't have to go into acrobatics like you want to win the olympics in gymanastics, just press the button and bye bye missile.

Time to look into the damage department, and the TIE bomber can deal a lot of it. It does not only have the stongest set of imperial lasers, but alse fires 2 proton torpedoes simultaneously. Even when your torpedo timer is on cooldown, you still have the multi-missile lock. As you spawn, just start looking for a dogfight near one of the objectives. They will be too busy shooting eachother to notice you approaching the scene. Lock onto a target as soon as you can a immediatly fire your 2 proton torpedoes. Then hit your multi-missile lock like a woodpecker to take down the remaining fighters before diving in with your lasers. Bye bye dogfight, because you just killed all the rebels, and you and your team have some time to take out those blockade runners before they return. (in which your bomber is also far superior)