La casa de papel (Money Heist) season 1 plot

Read the complete plot of the first season of Netflix series La casa de papel (Money Heist).

Season 1 Episode 1 s01e01 plot: Efectuar lo acordado (According to plan)

After a botched robbery, Tokyo is walking into a police trap when she is approached by the mysterious El Professor in Seat Ibiza. He brings her together with 7 other nobody's in a remote estate to plan de biggest heist is history: to enter the Royal Mint of Spain, print €2.4 billion euros and then disappear without leaving any traces . In order to do this, they live 5 moths in seclusion on the estate while learning the masterplan of El Professor step by step.

El Professor wants them to focus 100% on the job, and has some rules to enforce this: no names, no personal information and no relationships. This means each member of the gang is named after a city:

Tokyo: we already met
Berlin: a gentleman gangster who robbed jewelleries, auction houses and security vans. He's in charge of the team.
Moscow: a professional digger who robbed banks by digging tunnels into the safe
Denver: son of Moscow, a hot blooded youngster who speaks with his fists
Rio: a computer wizard specialised in hacking alarm systems
Oslo & Helsinki: two Serbian muscle mercenaries who fought some wars together
Nairobi: a professional forger

The day of the heist:
Wearing red overalls and Salvador Dali masks, the gang carjacks a paper transport on it's way to the Royal Mint of Spain. This lorry is the only way to transport them and the three tons of explosives, weapons and other material they need into the Mint. Meanwhile Allison Parker, a governor's daughter, is on a school trip in the Mint's museum. We also get to know Arturo Roman, the manager of the Mint and his secretary Monica Gaztabide. Arturo is a married man and is having an affair with Monica, who just discovered she got pregnant from her boss. When she confronts Arturo he suggests an abortion.

As the lorry is being unloaded, the robbers overpower the guards and take all personnel and visitors present hostage (67 in total). They collect all of the hostage's cellphones and PIN-codes. Moscow proceeds to open one of the building's 4 safes and he and Denver start to load the money inside into bags. They also connect the Mint with El Professor's secret warehouse nearby by means of a landline trough the sewers. This way they can phone and transfer calls to him.

In a flashback to the training estate we learn about a romance between Tokyo and Rio.

The robbers take the money upstairs, set off the alarm and open the Mint's doors as they wait for the police to arrive. Tokyo and Rio get out of the building as the first patrol cars get to the scene. According to plan they would just have to retreat back into the Mint, but Rio gets hit. This enrages Tokyo as she starts to shoot at the police. After wounding an officer, everybody gets back safely into the building.

Season 1 Episode 2 s01e02 plot: Imprudencias letales (Lethal negligence)

We meet inspector Raquel Murillo, who just divorced her husband due to physical abuse. As she is planning her daughter's birthday party, she's called by her superior and assigned to run the police operation and handle the hostage negotiations. As her phone has an empty battery in a nearby café, a local named Salva (El Professor) suggests she can use his phone to make an urgent call to her mom. When mom call back later on his phone, he uses the situation to gain access into the police investigation tent near the Mint. There he learns all police communication regarding to the hostage situation is happening on radio channel 4.

Inside the building all hostages have to strip out of their cloths and have to wear the same red overalls and Dali masks as the robbers. They are also given fake guns so the police force cannot invade the building as they do not know who is who.

Finally we learn that the masterplan of El Professor is not to simply rob the Mint, but to print as much money as they can. Meanwhile Arturo Román starts making plans for escaping, involving his secretary Mónica Gaztambide who has to gain access to a mobile phone. The plan fails and Berlin orders Denver to execute Monica as an example to the other hostages. Denver can't do this an shoots her in the leg, letting Berlin an the others believe he killed her.

Rio makes a mistake that leads to his and Tokyo's identities being discovered by the police.

Season 1 Episode 3 s01e03 plot: Errar al disparar (Misfired)

When Moscow learns his son killed a hostage, he starts to hyperventilate. Denver takes his dad to the roof to get some air together with some hostages. When Arturo starts to make a scene about Monica's death, he's mistakenly taken for a bad guy by the police and is shot in the shoulder by snipers.

Raquel becomes more involved with her new friend Salva, oblivious to the fact that he is the Professor.

Season 1 Episode 4 s01e04 plot: Caballo de Troya (Troyan horse)

A medical team is sent into the Mint to perform surgery to treat Arturo's wound. Inspector Angel Rubio volunteers to be part of the team as a fake nurse to get a view on the hostage situation. He is recognized by the professor on CCTV as they enter the building. As the medical team have to strip out of their clothes and give their wallets, watches and glasses to the robbers, Rio places a microphone into the inspectors glasses. From now on the professor can hear every conversation Rubio is participating in, giving him very valuable information.

Season 1 Episode 5 s01e05 plot: El Día de la Marmota (Groundhog Day)

The investigation leads to the red Seat Ibiza the professor and his gang used during training. Oslo was given 1000€ to let the car crush in a scrapyard before his eyes, but he chose to just dump the car in the park and keep the money to send to his family. This urges El Professor to take action as the interior of the car is full of fingerprints and DNA which could expose him. He breaks into the scrapyard but is caught by a Russian guard and chased away. He's forced to go back right afterwards as he learns trough Rubio's microphone the police will start to search nearby scrapyards. He arrives just in time to wipe clean the car interior and plants a button of Berlin's vest with his fingerprint inside as a punishment for disobedience.

As the police finds the car, El Professor is hiding in a container nearby where he disguises himself as a tramp to escape the scene.

Inside the Mint, Denver treats Monica's leg wound and they end up becoming closer.

Season 1 Episode 6 s01e06 plot: La cálida Guerra Fría (The hot cold war)

The police is questioning the russian car park guard, and he is collaborating to create a facial composit of El Professor. The latter cannot let this happen, so he gains access to a police car to threaten the family of the guard in russian on radio channel 4. The police, who is unaware of what is happening, don't see the guard erasing a nearly completed composit who would have exposed the Professor. When the police finds out it was El Professor on the radio, they are able to isolate a fingerprint.

Berlin discovers that Denver did not kill Monica as ordered and believing that his identity was exposed because of him (in a flashback we see Denver in the Seat Ibiza wearing Berlin's jacket), is about to execute him for his disobedience but is stopped by the other gang members.

Season 1 Episode 7 s01e07 plot: Refrigerada inestabilidad (Cool instability)

Monica being alive turns out to be a very welcome event, as the police want a proof of live of all hostages after the robbers fired some shots inside the Mint to stall the investigation. Raquel enters the building personally and is presented the hostages one by one to gain as much time as possible. Things get tricky as Allison Parker escapes and hides in a safe in Arturo's office. Nairobi finds her just in time.

Raquel takes the chance to reveal a secret Berlin has kept from the others, increasing the mistrust among them and makes an attempt to convince Rio to surrender.

Season 1 Episode 8 s01e08 plot: Tú lo has buscado (You asked for it)

Raquel loses her trust on Ángel, who is still unaware of the bug the robbers planted on him.

Insides Arturo prepares another plan to escape together with the security guards held below in the basement. Via the toilets they smuggle tools to the guards, who can free themselves and take out Oslo by smashing a metal pipe on his head.

Season 1 Episode 9 s01e09 plot: El que la sigue la consigue (Whoever keeps trying, gets it)

Thanks to Arturo's plan, 16 hostages escaped and Oslo is on the brink of death. Meanwhile, Raquel realizes that Ángel, who is in coma after a car accident, discovered the Professor's identity as the fingerprint he took from a spoon in the professor's cider plant matches the one from the police radio.. The Professor on the other hand, learns that Ángel warned Raquel's mother before the accident and considers killing her to protect his secret.

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